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The demand on drones for doing building surveys is on the rise, as they become the go to tool in this evolving industry.  Drones have the ability to reach otherwise inaccessible areas with ease, can negate the use for scaffolding saving the client a potential packet, and can help plan a building maintenance schedules to name but a few of the benefits.

The purpose of the drone is to capture images and video footage which can later be used to scrutinise parts or all of the site, to analyse and better understand if there are any problems that need attention.  All material taken by the drone is high resolution which means the client has the ability to zoom in for a closer look on any chosen section of the site, for example chimney stacks, roof tiles, guttering or lighting rods to name a few.

Benefits of using a drone

  • A quick turn around time from booking —> flight —> report
  • Save money on scaffold, cherry pickers and access towers.
  • View previously inaccessible areas
  • No worries about the “working at height” regulations
  • Safe working environment

How we Survey a building by drone.

Pre Flight

When you decide to work with us at SkyHigh Drones we will start the pre flight planning.  This involves a full risk assessment of the site from a fully qualified drone pilot.  This will include researching the local area and identifying hazards and potential risk that could occur and making sure safe measures are taken to greatly reduce and/or eliminate the risks.  During this stage we will also ensure we have engaged with all the relevant people and authorities to make sure the correct permissions are in place for the flight to take place on a chosen date.   Finally a weather check is done from 1 week prior to flight day and then reviewed as the flight day draws nearer. 

Flight Day

On the scheduled day for the building survey we will do a final weather check and arrive onsite to carry out the drone flight.  The drone setup normally takes around 15 – 20 mins, allowing time to run through the pre flight procedures and final checks.  Depending on the brief of the job the pilot will navigate the predetermined flight route taken video and photos of the building.  Small building surveys can be finished relatively quickly or we do equally carry out surveys on very large sites which can take a few hours.  The client can have the opportunity to view the footage in real time and liaise with the pilot to further investigate certain areas if requested.

After the flight - report

Once the flight has finished the drone footage will be bought back to HQ and a report will be compiled by one of the team.  The report will bring everything together in a presentable format so the client will be able to see any areas of the building that may require attention. Such as broken tiling, blocked guttering, or damage structural elements.