Chimney Survey

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Why get a Chimney Survey ?

The main reason for having your chimney inspected is safety. Having a chimney expert be able identify faults and hazards is essential to maintaining a safe setup.  Using the latest technology our trained professionals are able to inspect the external construction of the chimney as well as the internal flue or liner.

External Chimney Inspection

Using a commercial drone and fully licensed drone pilot we are able to undertake external drone inspections of the chimney. After scheduling flight date, taking into account the weather the pilot will setup the drone to record a fly round of the chimney as well as taking still shots.  This footage will then be used by one of our trained team to assess the condition and make recommendations, the results are of which will be presented in the final report.

One of the main benefits of being able to carry out an external inspection using a drone is cost.  Traditionally this would have to be done with scaffold, whilst this may still be necessary to carry out any work that may come as a result there is a fair chance no work will need to be done and in this instance the savings can be substantial.  Additional benefits include time – considerably less than scaffold, and over access. 

Internal Chimney Inspection

CCTV is used to access the flue liner to look for defects.  This provides the most effective way of being able to establish what work needs to be carried out to maintain the chimney to the correct standard.

The process requires a trained cctv operator to run a camera through the flue to produce a video feed which can then be analysed. All or operator are trained to spot potential defects so will be able to further examine any areas he or she feels needs more attention to get as much detail as possible.    


  • Ensure you chimney is safe
  • Find defects early
  • Save money on scaffold
  • Peace of mind

Chimney Survey Work Examples