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Inspecting A Roof By Drone

Using one of our drones to carry out a roof survey is a cost effective and timely exercise. As well as this it eliminates to use of scaffolding , reducing the cost when compared to a conventional roof inspection. Utilizing modern drone technology also means that you have quality, high definition imagery, both in video and photograph format, to refer back to after the inspection has been carried out.

During a roof survey from Sky High Drones, you can expect a live feed if required so you can inspect the roof in real time. Working along side one of our fully qualified pilots you will be able to navigate the structure to make best use of the technology to reveal what would normally be hard to inspect areas. All of the time being able to record the flight for use at a later date. Typical inspections include viewing all parts of the roofing structure with a good look at chimneys, gutters, lead flashing, pointing, tiling, sky light windows etc. Area such as these can present structural problems so we take time to fully navigate and focus on them to ensure a full view where we can. Other methods of roof inspection may see these areas left unseen as they can often be unsafe or inaccessible to inspect.

A full report will be provided to the client and the agreed formats of photos and video will be included. This report will give the client an excellent resource that can be analyzed with other trade professionals to determine if any action is required.

roof tiles roof inspection
Blocked gutter on a barn roof

Reason To Get A Roof Inspection

Buying a House:

For the small outlay in cost for getting a drone inspection, thw piece of mind and avoidance of potential issues can be huge.  The inspection could take as little as half an hour on the day and will provide you with a report showing the condition of the roof, chimneys and gutters etc.

Selling a House:

Just as you may want to inspect a house before making a purchase, equally you wish to add a roof report to your sales pack to offer the prospective buyer peace of mind and confidence in your property.  We can combine a roof survey with a short promo video which can be used as sales material.

Protect A Roof Warranty:

You may have a warranty on some roof work you have had done and in order to satisfy the terms of that warranty, it may state the an annual roof inspection should be carried out.  Sometime these can be require bi-annually and are required to be done by a proffesional.

Planned Building Work:

If you are considering building work, an aeriel view of the property can be a great tool for architects and builders so they can get a real view, take proper measurements and do detailed inspections of any areas they need to.

Aeriel Roof Inspection Pricing

Prices for roof inspection work start at £150 and can take anywhere from 1 hour to a full days work depending on how detailed the inspection needs to be, the size of the property and the type of report required.  We inspect both residential and commercial properties using the same pricing structure, simply contact us for a personal quote.

clean bungalow roof showing various vent pipes